ModengyFor ICE parts

Anti-friction solid lubricating coating with highly refined superfine molybdenum disulfide, and graphite
For ICE parts

It is used in piston skirts of the diesel and gasoline engines, sliding bearings (crankshaft main bearings, pin bushings, camshafts) in the inner combustion engines, butterfly throttle (for restoring the gap)

It is used in the following typical units

Piston skirts, sliding bearings, butterfly throttle, splined joints, threaded connections, the other units with metal/metal friction pairs


  • It effectively reduces friction loss
  • High load-carrying ability
  • Anti-scuffing properties
  • High adhesion
  • Resistance to long-term exposure to motor oil
  • It has properties of anti-emergency lubrication
  • It prevents stick-slip motion
  • Long service life (dependent on the unit construction – durable lubrication)

Package sizes

210 ML Can

How to apply


Surface preparation greatly affects the coating adhesion quality and its operation properties!

Thoroughly clean and degrease the surfaces to be coated. Use solvents that evaporate without any residue, for instance, MODENGY 1013 or similar ones. No oil, oil deposit traces, fingerprints, or any other contaminants are not allowed on the surfaces to be coated.


Shake the can during up to 3 minutes. Spray out the coating in even thin layer from the distance of 15 to 25 cm. Do not allow stains! If stains form wipe the uncured coating with MODENGY 1013 Solvent, then prepare the surface once again, and apply the coating repeatedly.

It is acceptable to apply 2 layers with drying period in between at +20 °С for at least 20 minutes. The recommended thickness of the cured coating is 8 to 16 µm.

After you have applied the coating, clean through the can's spraying nozzle by the following way: turn the can upside down, direct the spray jet away from yourself, and keep the sprayer pressed during 3 seconds.


The coating fully cures and becomes ready for being used after curing at +20°С for at least 12 hours, or after being heated in oven up to +170°С for at least 20 minutes.


Use MODENGY 1013 solvent to degrease and remove uncured coating.

Typical Properties

Standard Property Name Values Units


Grey matt


Service temperatures range

-70 … +260


ASTM D2625

Load-carrying ability

12 500


ASTM D2714

Service life at back-and-forth motion under conditions of dry friction at contract pressure of 550 MPa

310 000





Average coating consumption


ml / m2

Cure temperature / time

+170 / 20 или

+20 / 720

°C / min


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