Anti-friction solid lubricating coating with polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) based on a polymer binder, it is hot curing
It is used in the cartridge cases of the pneumatic equipment, springs, cramps, locks, guideways in automotive machinery, sliding surfaces of the equipment for processing polymers (sealing sponges, calibrators, cooling tables), movable seals with polymer materials, threaded connections in instrument making and in automotive engineering, sliding guideways in instrument making industry and printing equipment

It is used in the following typical units

Cartridge cases and pistons, sliding guideways, threaded connections and hardware, sliding bearings, movable seals, the other units with metal/ polymer, polymer/polymer friction pairs


  • Low friction coefficient
  • Wide service temperature range (-70°C to +250°C)
  • High adhesion
  • Protection against fretting-corrosion
  • Compatibility with polymers and elastomers
  • It provides aesthetic appearance
  • It has properties of anti-emergency lubrication
  • It prevents stick-slip motion
  • High anti-corrosive properties
  • Resistance to most of the chemically aggressive media

Package sizes

1 KG Can, 4.5 KG Pail

Typical Properties

Standard Property Name Values Units
Colour Black glossy  
Service temperatures range -70 … +250 °С
Falex, ASTM-D-2625 Load-carrying ability 2300 N
LFW-1, ASTM-D-2714 Service life (on the phosphated surface) 15 000 Oscillation cycles
ISO R 1456 Corrosion protection (on the phosphated surface) > 300 Hours
DIN 53 211/2 Density 0,98 g / cm3
Solvent MODENGY 1013  
Average coating consumption 60 g / m2
Cure temperature / time 180 / 60 °C / min


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