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with MODENGYТМ technology

Improve efficiency of your equipment
by using anti-friction solid lubricating coating technology!
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About MODENGY technology

About MODENGY technology

MODENGY company has developed a unique technology which is creating a special reducing friction solid micro-layer on the surface of a part - these anti-friction coatings successfully operate under conditions of radiation, vacuum, extreme temperatures, and corrosive media.

About MODENGY technology

MODENGY technology significantly reduces costs of your equipment production and maintenance improving its operational reliability at the same time!

The Technology In Action

Our Services

Anti-Friction Coatings Selection And Applying
Give your parts new anti-friction properties
  • Personal consultation with our tribology expert, working out technical specification
  • Evaluation of the part surface quality before coating applying
  • Surface preparation with chemical and mechanical methods
  • Coating applying by methods that take into account the part's configuration and size
  • Quality control according to adhesion, thickness, polymerization degree, and wear resistance

Tribotechnical Testing
Laboratory testing help choose the optimal solution and evaluate its efficiency
  • Testing for abrasive wear
  • Tests for fretting corrosion
  • Wear at seizure and scuffing
  • Testing in boundary lubrication mode

About the Company

9 industries where MODENGY technology is used in mass scale
coating kinds
> 200% More than 200% average economic benefit gained from MODENGY technology introduction

We are experts in the field of anti-friction coatings development, production and applying.

We have realized several dozens of large-scale projects in different industries such as oil-and-gas, energy, metallurgy, transport, aviation and aerospace.

We are trusted and invited to take part in branch scientific-practical conferences and technical seminars.

MODENGY company participated as an expert
at designing transport vehicles for the Arctic Exploration Program in 2017

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